Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Just wrapping up our Christmas Eve activities, kids are bathed, in new monkey pjs, all the presents are ready to go, cookies have been eaten, milk drank....and the usual laundry is drying. Trev and I are watching Superbad, again, such a funny movie!

Here are some pre-Christmas photos:

Hope you're all set to go too.

I will be off until the New Year and I'll get back to any emails/messages then.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

It has been a while....{Owen Sound's overworked Photographer}

It feels like forever since I've done a blog post, or been online for that matter! I've been in hiding in an attempt to process all the season's photos for everyone. I did it, all weddings are done for 2009! I have a few portraits in the works and a few to shoot soon but otherwise I'm looking forward to a Holiday Season of sleep, eats, drinks, the family and friends who have been neglected also.

Since I've finally caught up with everyone's photos we actually had some family time. We've had the tree up for weeks but it had 1 lonely decoration on it until last night. The kids, Trev and I got to work and had our house screaming Christmas in no time.

If you look close you can see Luke's 2 tiny teeth....a bit slow in the tooth department but it doesn't slow his eating down any.

So excited about the 'bell' ornaments.

The finished tree...notice how most of the decorations are on the upper half. By the time Luke is done with it all of them will be on top.

Our new Christmas friend, Tink. He is an Elf on the Shelf and is having fun hiding all over the house. Madeline is having fun finding him everyday too!

Thanks to inspiration from last year's Holiday Contest Winner we decided to do a gingerbread house this year.

Love this one of Luke admiring the tree. I'm certain he is trying to figure out which ornament he should try for next.

The finished house, pretty good if you ask me!

Hope your holidays are starting off just as 'sweet'!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Kids love me...well most of them {Owen Sound Childrens Photographer}

Kids are usually pretty shy at first but eventually warm up to me. This session was one of the first times that there was no warming up, ever, no matter what we all tried. I felt so bad for her Mom while we were shooting, we had already rescheduled and we all wanted to get it done before the leaves were gone. Despite the fact that Aliviah and I didn't make nice I am very happy with the finished product. We even got a few smiles!

I love this one of her and her mom.


Not dimples...

Seems she likes to swing, things are looking up.

As the mother of a child with very slow growing hair, I'm jealous!

I know she isn't smiling at me here, but she is just so sweet and very serious.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Photo Chicks Retreat!

After a long and busy season I am heading away for the weekend....much needed. I am heading to Melissa's cottage with 8 other female photographers from the area, it is going to be a blast!!! No kids. No husbands. No housework. I am going to sleep like a baby, well hopefully better then my baby.

So...if you don't hear back from me for a few days this is why.

Cheers, Christy

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Holiday Mini Sessions {Owen Sound Childrens Photographer}

Every year I try to do a Holiday Card Day, this year I'm doing it a bit late but I'm excited about our shoot location!

The Sessions will all be on Monday the 30th of November at the new baby boutique in town~Sweetpea Wholesome Baby. I was so excited when Tessa opened Sweetpea, I've been wishing for a beautiful baby store for Owen Sound for some time was worth the wait, she has a great line of product already.

Sessions are for babies and kids only and will each be about 25 min. See the card design options below. Packages with a digital card start at $45, with printed cards $75.

Word is already getting around, so email or call asap to book your time!!

Phone 519 470-3686

Cheers, Christy

Friday, November 6, 2009

My future in-laws {The Shouldice/Wyonch Family} Owen Sound Family Photos

My future in-laws! Heather and I had babies both times very close together, she had a boy then a girl and I had a girl then a boy. We always joke that holidays would work pretty slick if our kids got hitched, we could just have all holidays together.

Love Ty's hair, can't wait until Lukes is longer like this.

Gorgeous sisters.

Thanks for having me do these Heather! I love watching your two grow and the same time mine are.