Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fun Family portrait in Kemble

Posted by: Melissa

With the full swing of the festive season, comes the reuniting of family!

This was certainly the case for the Cutting Family, which hadn't all been together for the holidays for the past 3 years. "Brother" flew in from out West, where he currently resides, that morning @ 5am and "pulled it together beautifully" just for us and the special family shoot --(Thanks Brother, we know you must have been tired, but were still so accommodating no one would have known otherwise!)

Knowing Danielle (aka "sister") from our days together @ Shoppers, I was so excited to capture this "coming together" for this cool chick and her family.

There was lots of snow and tons of fun, as we captured this memorable moment outside at the Cutting residence, in the snowy fields of Kemble.

A few shots inside to start.

Danielle's boyfriend Ryan joined in the fun for a quick snowball fight.

Thanks guys-- Melissa

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Last day for entries!!!

Posted by: Christy

There are less than 24 hours left in our Holiday Traditions Contest! Email your entries to chris@owensoundphoto.com before midnight on the 17th to qualify. All you need to email is your Holiday Story or Tradition and you could win a photo session with either Christy or Melissa. We are open to any cool ideas, could be a cookie exchange, a moms spa day, tobogganing at the park, movie night with the kids, whatever you are up to over the holidays.

See full info here: Holiday Traditions Contest

Monday, December 8, 2008

Holiday Traditions Contest Idea

Posted by: Christy

Here is a link to an idea for the Holiday Traditions Contest:


This is another photographer, Millie Holloman from North Carolina, she rocks. I just came across this today and thought that it was a great example of what could work for our contest.

See Holiday Traditions Contest below.

Keep your entries coming!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Kids Day/Fundraiser at Cobble Beach

Posted by: Christy

Ok, more catching up with personal photos from our busy summer/fall.

This JUNE Trevor, Madeline, Trev's mom Carol Ann and I met up with Melissa and her family to go to the Cobble Beach Kids Day and fundraiser. Cobble had the event to raise money for a staff member that was ill, very nice of them I think.

There were kids activities and a whitefish lunch buffet, soooo yummy.

Here are some pics of the little ones making pots of dirt and worms, yum. They used cake, crushed cookies and gummy worms and got to eat them up or pack them for later.

Assembling her pot of dirt.

Adding worms.

The finished product!

Miss Jolie Crannie, working on her dirt and worm snack.

We decided to pack up the treat and take it home. Why didn't we eat it there??? Take a look at the yummy mess below!!!

We had a great time and got to take home an awesome treat, thanks Cobble!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bringin' Sexy Back

Posted by: Christy

Finally, I am posting these images...taken back in JUNE! I've been bringin' sexy back ever since with different clients, these three are brave enough to let me post their pics. Thanks ladies, you are HOT MAMAS!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holiday Traditions Contest

It is that time of year!!! Time for family, friends and creating memories with them. We want to capture your memories this year. One lucky family/group will win a real-life photo session with either Christy or Melissa or both...depending on our availability.

WHAT: A free real-life session for the lucky group or family.
HOW: Submit your holiday tradition story to us via email chris@owensoundphoto.com and we'll pick the story we want to tell in photos.
WHEN: Submit your story by December 17th, lets say midnight Owen Sound time. Session date and time to be determined.
WHY: Because we believe that family photography should capture your actual memories not a group of people sitting in front of a backdrop. In 10, 20, 30 years will you remember the day that you sat in a photo studio or will you remember baking cookies every Christmas with Grandma, or Tobogganing with Daddy?
WHERE: We'll come to you.

Your tradition could be anything that you and your family/friends love to get together and do. It could be tobogganing and hot cocoa, baking with Grandma, decorating the tree, making a gingerbread house, you get the idea.

Here are some photos from a real-life session last winter.

I still have a gorgeous daughter!

Posted by: Christy

I looked back and it seems that I've been way too busy to post photos of my little bean! Have you missed her??? I'm going to get you caught up over the next while, a lot has happened, she has grown so much.

So first off this is us visiting our friends Cory, Allison and wee Hannah over in Meaford one day back in JUNE, yes JUNE!

We took the girls to the Splash Pad Park in Meaford, what a blast. Owen Sound needs one of these for sure.

A small snack with Daddy after running through the COLD water.

Too tired, must sleep.

Maddogs (Madeline) first ride with Cory in the bike trailer/stroller.

I think she liked it.

More to come, soon!