Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Favourite Girl...

I always tell Madeline that she is my favourite girl, she says that I am her favourite mom which is nice.

Playing a little catch up on my own personal photos...these are from her party in January!!!

A perfect cake by Christa. Madeline decided on a Tinkerbell cake this year.

I love the blades of grass and all the vines.

Miss Claire brought her baby blues for all to adore.

The birthday girl, very excited for the party to start.

The Kennedy's got her a snowboard, I'm not sure she actually knows what it is at this point but she looks amazed!

No way!

I love it!


Waiting and listening so well, what a lady.

Luke already has Nana wrapped around his pinky finger.

Oh, I think I'd like some more.

Hallway balloons were a big hit with Hannah and Madeline.

Trying out the snowboard later on that night...with her new feather boa.

Happy Birthday {1/2 a year ago!} You are so my favourite girl!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

One of my favourite families! {Owen Sound Portrait Photography}

When I held my {helping hearts} fundraiser earlier this year I was overwhelmed with the support from everyone especially my past clients. I was excited when the winner was drawn and it was this super cute and expanded family. I had photographed 3 of them, plus pup, in the past but hadn't met the newest member. Here is their family now...

The new big brother!

M and her boys by their own personal river.

I love this one in b&w.

Nice view! Their farm is in the valley below.

Thanks for having me out again and congrats on winning the contest!!!