Friday, July 31, 2009

Cobble Beach, Owen Sound Wedding {Peter & Talia}

Posted by: Christy

Peter & Talia were married on July 11th at Cobble Beach. They had what appeared to be a gorgeous day...turned out to be very memorable. Here is their sneak peek.


Talia did a lot of the decor herself...with some hands on help that day I'm sure.


Holly was along to help me for the day. She is great at getting the details all set up for me. This shot is all Holly!!!




Pretty blue sky...


Connie makes sure that all is going smoothly for the ceremony, and the day.




It really only rained {hailed} for such a short time, right during the outdoor ceremony. They finished up the ceremony under the tent and the sun came out for more outside photos.








Adorable ring bearer and flowergirl, they did so well too.









All the best guys, more photos to come soon!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wedding @ Mildmay, Ontario {Frank & Katie}

Posted by: Melissa

En route to Katie & Franks Wedding in Mildmay from Owen Sound, I wasn't sure what Mother Nature had in store... dark clouds, crazy wind, and rain rain rain!

Upon hitting Walkerton, a miracle happened... the sky literally opened up and made for the most perfect temp, colours, & FANTASTIC cloud backdrop!

The weather, decor, surroundings, & people, totally set the scene for the most joyous occasion for this wonderful couple on their Wedding Day!

















All the Best Katie & Frank, Thanks for having me shoot your day!

~melissa xo

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Birthday~also know as Talia & Peter's wedding day

Posted by: Christy

Well this was a first! Not the shooting a wedding on my birthday..I did that last year too, but the crazy weather that happened during the wedding. Yes, during the actual wedding! Talia & Peter were part way through their outdoor ceremony when this cloud rolled in and then chaos. The temperature dropped, wind picked up and all of the sudden hail!


I got a few shots as we all literally ran across the bridge for shelter. My gear was soaked, so was was my new intern Holly. The crew at Cobble Beach were quick with towels to get everyone dried off, then they moved all the guests into the tent to finish the ceremony.


Peter and Talia survived the storm and now have a crazy wedding day story to talk about for years to come. The storm was quick so we still got to do some fabulous outdoor photos after the {second} ceremony.


All the best you two! Many more photos to come along soon.

Holly, I promise, not all weddings are so dramatic.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Posted by: Christy

Looks like we are going to have some icky weather for the holiday but that isn't going to stop us from our time away. We heading up the peninsula with the kids and the trailer...pray for no rain, I'm not sure I can handle a 2 1/2 year old confined to such a small space.

Here are some pics of our summer so far. Madeline is quite the little swimmer again this year. Hopefully we get some weather like this for our get away.


Maddog is wearing her new "puddle jumper" to help her swim. It rocks, we used to put a wet suit on with padding then water wings. Now all we have to do is put her arms through and click. She swims really well with it too. We picked it up at Canadian Tire after cousin Melissa recommended it to us.




So comfortable in the pool now!


My favourite flowers are peonies...we have them all over. These are the first to bloom for us, I'm hoping the others we planted in the front will produce flowers this year too.





Lukes first time in our pool, I think he likes it. He is a really good kicker...not much of a floater yet.



Happy Canada Day, hope your having a break too.