Thursday, February 12, 2009

Announcing Baby Lucas!!!!

Posted by: Christy Photos by: Melissa

A few photos of Melissa's from Lucas' birthday...more to come soon!

As planned we had our second child, Lucas James Carson, last Friday morning. He was a scheduled Cesarean so the only big surprise was that he was a boy...I think everyone thought that we were going to have two girls! So it was a shocker to have Dr. Moore announce "its a boy"!!! I'm so excited to have a boy this time, just need to shop for some boy things now.

Trevor got to come in to the operating room but had to wear scrubs...I think he makes a handsome doctor.

Lots of waiting that day for all involved.

Melissa waiting for baby Luke to arrive. She had to wait outside the O.R. to capture our midwife Whitney with Lucas. I had to miss all the measuring, weighing, and cute first moments so we had Melissa capture them for us, she did a great job!!!

Miss Madeline, aka the BIG SISTER, meets her little "buddy" for the first time.

Madeline is already a great sister, she is very helpful...bringing me blankets, diapers, taking things to the garbage and helping burp Luke. If he is fussing I hear her saying things like "its okay wookus" and "you want mommy?" and "feel better?" and telling me "wookus wants milk"....way too cute.

Thank you so much Melissa for capturing these first moments for us, I am forever grateful to you!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Off to have a baby!

After a flurry of blog posts I'll be off for a little while to have baby Carson still to be determined! We head in tomorrow morning to have a Cesarean, I cannot believe that I'll be holding our babe this time tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

So for the next week or so I will be totally unavailable. I won't be taking any sessions for the next few months while I recover from surgery and while I get the hang of having 2 children. I will be taking on sessions this spring and of course weddings this maternity leave for the self-employed.

Sessions will still be available with Melissa for the next few months and beyond! Yay! You can still book these sessions by contacting me at or by calling 519 470 3686 (foto) Of course I won't be getting back to you for a week or so right now.

For upcoming weddings please drop us a line as normal and I'll get back to you asap with our availability.

If you have a photo emergency or need to talk to someone this week, please contact Melissa at 519 372 1913 or email her at

Thanks, Christy

ps I'll be posting photos about the new arrival when I can!!!!

Chris & Lesley = Engagement session at Harrison Park, Owen Sound, Ontario

Posted by:Melissa, Photos by Melissa

What a delightful couple to compliment such a lovely day! Lesley and Chris are actually Christy's Bride & Groom, but seeing as she's as big as a house right (heh hum... no seriously... she's as big as a house right now ~love you Christy ;D xoxoxo!) there was no way she could possibly get down and dirty with them for their outdoor shoot. Soooo that's where I stepped in...

Upon meeting the lovely pair, I mentioned we could start with some easy casual close ups, then move into the 'cold but crazy fun' snow shots. Well.... there was no waiting for fun as Chris turned to Lesley and literally shoved her (lovingly of course) right into the 3 feet of snow that surrounded us! LOL

Playful & super cute, Lesley & Chris rocked the park!

Lesley and Chris are getting married this summer at Cobble Beach, Christy will be back in action well before their big day.

Nice to meet you guys, all the best-- melissa xo

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm giganic...for a few more days! My maternity session with Melissa.

Posted by: Christy, Photos by Melissa

I think we left this a bit late, just shot it on Saturday, six days before my scheduled C-Section. The belly is big, you never really realize how big until you see it in photos! Normally we shoot maternity sessions at about 7 or 8 months, before the mom-to-be is too uncomfortable.

Madeline is convinced that the baby is coming out of my belly button, so cute.

The whole family spending quality time on our bed.

Madeline loves her Madeline books!

We set Madeline free to do some jumping, she was crazy. I love her spirit in this one!

Doorway to the baby room.

My big girl sitting on her poor little sibling!

Love this one of me and my little angel.

Thanks Melissa! You did a great job, I'm so glad we got this session in before the big day!!!


Posted by: Christy

You're gonna die when you see how cute my kid is! Madeline went as a cat/mouse/puppy...just depended on her mood at the time. She loved the costume, especially the make-up. We only went to a few of the neighbours houses then off to see Aunt Annie and Uncle Devin and Grandparents.

Most of the time she was a cat, to go with her kitty pumpkin.

Starting to get "cheese" down.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Zane & Muffy's Wedding at Talisman Mountain Resort

Posted by: Christy

Melissa and I photographed this wedding together at Talisman Mountain I was/am very pregnant. I was soooo glad to have Melissa along especially for the morning after shoot in the snow. I'm not as agile as I normally am, and I had a really hard time finding snowpants and a jacket that fit over my belly.

Muffy and Zane opted for a winter wedding in the evening with a photo session the next morning. It was a great way to do it, and the weather co-operated too! To top it off they even went to the Ice Hotel for their honeymoon.

Muffy's gorgeous dress hanging in the suite.

Me, quite the belly!

Beautiful fireside ceremony.

First dance under the snowflakes.

The happy couple relaxing in front of the hockey game at the reception.

We ventured outside after the ceremony, the snow was falling perfectly for them.

The next morning, the whole crew got dressed and met us outside...for an 8am photoshoot!

My view.

Melissa's view.

Melissa working hard in the extreme conditions.

Jumping into the snow, they were a pretty brave pair.

Their dogs, Talvi and Sisu, joined us for some snowy photos.

HOT, snow princess!!!

Thanks guys, we had a great time!