Sunday, January 31, 2010

Helping Hearts {last day for photosession give away}

Today is the last day to enter my {helping hearts} photosession give away contest! All you have to do is make a minimum $10 donation to Friends of the Orphans Canada. The winner will get a free photosession with me between now and May...could be maternity, baby, kids, family or boudoir!

How to win:

  • Make a MINIMUM donation of $10 to Friends of the Orphans Canada
  • Forward a copy of your receipt to
  • All entries must be RECEIVED by midnight on January 31st.
  • Winner will be drawn at random and announced on February 1st.
  • You can enter as many times as you’d like, but each entry must be the minimum $10 donation.
Here is some info on FOTOCAN. I chose them because a photographer/friend of mine has been involved with them for years and I've been getting email updated through him.

Here is one of those updates:

Haiti Earthquake . . . . Jan. 17, 2010

Thanks to everyone for your e-mails, prayers and donations.

Following is information from e-mails received Jan. 16 and prior about the devastation in Haiti related to NPH (Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos -- Spanish for "Our Little Brothers and Sisters).

The NPH St. Helen Orphanage in Kenscoff, 11 miles east of the epicenter, is located at 6,600 feet. More than 350 children live at this location and they are all safe and there is no damage to the orphanage.

The St. Damien Pediatric Hospital, run by NPH and located in Tabarre, 15 miles northeast of the epicenter of the earthquake received some structural damage and about half the outer perimeter walls have fallen. St. Damien is currently caring for 125 children and 600 adults with 25 staff and 30 volunteers. There are 25 adults and children awaiting amputations. Approximately 38 handicapped children from the Port-au-Prince General Hospital have been relocated to St. Damien and are on the open lawn. Just days ago, St. Damien was a 120-bed hospital. It now has every square inch of its courtyard and parking lot filled with people in desperate need.

We are doing our best for them, under trees and in the parking lot with ever diminishing supplies. We will work throughout the night and beyond. No stores are open, no banks are open. Diesel fuel is running out. We will be out in two days, if we don’t find a solution, which will mean no power at all. The hospital is without water since there is some broken line between the well and the water tower.

According to the latest reports, they are running out of life-saving supplies that Father Dr. Rick Frechette (who is National Director of the NPH Orphanage in Haiti and Medical Director of NPH International) and his team desperately need. We are asking for the generosity of all Friends of the Orphans donors to assist with relief and rebuilding efforts.

The NPH Father Wasson Centre in Petionville which served as a guest house, volunteer residence, administrative offices and a day school for children with disabilities, completely collapsed during the 7.0 magnitude earthquake. It has been confirmed that two volunteers from the orphanage, Ryan Kloos and Molly Hightower (both from the US), lost their lives in the collapse of the building. Ryan’s sister Erin was rescued from the building after 12 hours and is currently in stable condition in a south Florida hospital’s intensive care unit. Her prognosis is good.

The old NPH hospital in Petionville has also collapsed and teams of workers have been digging in the rubble around the clock.

The 7 storey hospital in Petionville The injured at St. Damien hospital

This email is our attempt to very quickly and efficiently raise monetary funds through networking with our own friends, work & business associates, in order to provide immediate emergency rescue and relief and the financial means necessary to quickly respond to this crisis and care for these children. We aspire to raise donations and have that money working to rescue and save lives in Haiti. FOTOCAN will follow up on the Canadian Governments promise to match all personal cash donations. With your help, we hope to direct these funds to provide relief in Haiti ASAP.

Father Rick has the street knowledge, the networks and the experience to get the job done now, without the bureaucracy and red tape of larger corporate organizations that are still “assessing” the situation. He is already there, slugging it out in the devastation – and he needs funds to enable these crucial and life saving efforts immediately.

Absolutely 100% of your donation will go directly to Father Rick who is providing critical rescue efforts, emergency medical aid and basic necessities like water and food. This organization is small but highly efficient and your donation will have an immediate impact.

Haiti Fast Facts
• Poorest country in the Western Hemisphere
• History of instability, violence and dictatorship
• Frequent natural disasters
• Population: 9 Million
• Most people live on less than $2 a day
• Friends of the Orphans has helped orphaned and abandoned children in Haiti since 1987
• NPH is home to 350+ children, supports 150+ externally & assists over 30,000 Haitians each year.

Help out if you can, pass it on if you can too please!

Hope you're having a lazy/cozy Sunday like us...watching Ratatouille with the kids.

Cheers, Christy

Saturday, January 23, 2010

helping hearts {let's do something to help}

Watching the news on the horrible situation in Haiti saddens and frustrates me. Having my own kids, it breaks my heart to see children suffering and parents grieving. Many incredibly brave men and women are there volunteering their time and risking their lives to help. I wish I was in a position to do the same.

But I’m not.

So instead, I'm going to try to do something to help from here. When I came across this grassroots group of photographers that started "Helping Hearts" I knew it was a perfect fit for me. But, I need you, too! Here’s the deal:

You could win a real life photo session on location with me!

  • This session will be photographed by myself between the months of February and May.
  • Session is for a newborn, kids, family or engagement and will last about an hour.
  • Winner will also receive 10 fully processed, high resolution images on CD. Print to your heart’s content!

How to win:

  • Make a MINIMUM donation of $10 to Friends of the Orphans Canada {more on them later}
  • Forward a copy of your receipt to
  • All entries must be RECEIVED by midnight on January 31st.
  • Winner will be drawn at random and announced on February 1st.
  • You can enter as many times as you’d like, but each entry must be the minimum $10 donation.
I'm excited to see how much our group of photomamas can raise to help...I'll keep you posted when the numbers come in.

Cheers, Christy

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Owen Sound Bridal Show {Owen Sound Professional Photography}

This Saturday I am taking part in the Bayshore Broadcasting Bridal Show in Owen Sound...believe it or not but this will be my first time!!!

Although I'm booked from June-mid September for 2010 I'm still hoping to run into some 'off season' brides or 2011 brides. I will also be offering a whole new product, so even if I'm not available for your big day stop by to check it out!

Come by and say hi...booth 16, near the big windows overlooking the bay, across from the Cobble Beach booth. I'll be the short one :)

Cheers, Christy

ps if you are another vendor I am hoping to get a bunch of us together Friday after set up for drinks and to chat as we probably won't have time on Saturday. Drop me an email or come see me at booth 16 if you want to join us.