Thursday, July 22, 2010

Balmy Beach Family Portrait {Owen Sound Portrait Photography}

Spent a lovely Sunday morning going from family to family capturing them at this moment in time. Here is the first stop of the day, a gorgeous property overlooking the bay.

My favourite of everyone.

First grandchild! Sure to be spoiled!!

Thanks for having me out!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

C family shoot by the sea shore {port elgin and owen sound photographer}

A wee while back I got to spend a very windy morning at the beach with this family over in Port Elgin. They were great sports and we tried to go with the windy weather.

Lady killer!

Oh, so sweet little miss!!

We moved to another location as the kids weren't digging the windy beach....

...but in the end we did a second shoot just to be sure we got a great one of the family. The wee man just wasn't into it so sometimes you just have to try another day. Notice his new hair-do! 

Thanks for popping over to Owen Sound guys!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Baby M is 1!

Baby M and I have been hanging out since he was just wee, can't believe that he is already 1! It has been great to see him grow over the year and do so well, I think he weighs the same if not more than my Luke who is about 4 months older. Here are some images from his big birthday bash!

Here is the birthday boy looking happy to see me!

Grandpa & the boys.

The one-year old drooly chin...teeth, gotta get them but oh do they hurt.

Bit of a soccer family...

M's cake made with love by his great-grandma.

mmmm, cake!

Checking out his new toys.

Lots of friends & family to help celebrate.

Love his eyes and his chin dimple!

Thanks for having me to your party!

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Favourite Boy...

Still catching up on my own personal photos, just like the cobblers kids...

Luke had his 1st birthday waaayyy back in February! Here are some photos from that weekend.

'Auntie' Joan came up for the weekend which as I recall now was kinda chaos. Thanks for all your help that weekend Joan! She even had to show a couple some of my albums because I was late from shooting a boudoir session.

Joan brought up a gift for Miss Madeline as she wasn't able to make it up a few weeks before for Madeline's party. A big huge Playdo ice cream sundae machine...every parents dream. It turned out to be a lot of fun and not nearly as messy as I had envisioned. Madeline sure likes it!

Sometimes you just have to use your tongue when sculpting a masterpiece.

Lucas got in on the Playdo action also...only ate a wee bit!

Then came THE CAKE! What a fabulous job Christa {Christa's Cakes~Southampton} did. Really I just said jungle and that I liked the blades of grass on Madelines and ta-da! WOW!

I love the giraffe peeking out the top of the jungle.

Luke's 'smash cake'....much more of this to come soon!

Hugs from big sister.

Big eyes and loooong eyelashes...and drool.

Such a big man in his button up shirt.

"Get out of my room!"

"Is she hugging me again?"

Um, read the sign people! Luke made out pretty well for a one-year old!

Bye, bye monkey!

Papa & Luke under the jungle leaf.

King of the jungle!

Not sure what these 3 were up to...couldn't be good.

Luke got a play table and loads of farm and truck type stuff for it. This is my Nana showing him how to run the farm equipment.

Later that night, still lovin' the new toys!

Happy Birthday {about 1/2 a year ago} my perfect wee man!