Saturday, April 25, 2009

Engagement Portrait in Kincardine

Posted by: Christy

What a great day! My first session since baby Luke arrived and our first thunderstorm...I love the smell of a good storm. Luckily the storm held off until after I met with Chad & Jackie in Kincardine. Their session went great! We walked from Jackie's dad's house to the beach, down the beach then up and past Chad's parent's house and then looped back to our starting point...I was kinda lost in the end.

A few shots in the backyard before we went on our walk.

chadjackie0002 copy

chadjackie0005 copy

chadjackie0007 copy

Down to the beach for a windy session.

chadjackie0017 copy

chadjackie0020 copy

chadjackie0026 copy

chadjackie0027 copy

chadjackie0037 copy

Some photos at Chad's parent's house. Great vines!

chadjackie0058 copy

chadjackie0061 copy

chadjackie0066 copy

Haha, my fav!

chadjackie0067 copy

Thanks for the tour of your childhood neighbourhood guys. See you in September!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How to make a baby!

Posted by: Christy

Don't worry it is clean, the kids can watch. I came across this video via a twitter friend today, very cute.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

Posted by: Christy

I Love Easter! It is such a great time of year, Spring is coming, the smell of chocolate is in the air and you get to visit with family....we actually had 4 dinners this year because of a few Birthdays that also fell on the weekend! Yay for not having to cook!!!

We started off the weekend with some egg decorating while Lucas slept.

09easter0001 copy

09easter0002 copy

09easter0003 copy

09easter0004 copy

09easter0005 copy

The Easter bunny was very good to us...Luke even got his first firetruck.

09easter0006 copy

Easter morning search around the house.

09easter0007 copy

09easter0008 copy

On Sunday morning we went up the peninsula to the family farm at Nana Johnstone's house. When I was little we used to have great scavenger egg hunts all over the farm, we all loved it so much that we brought it back this year!

09easter0020 copy

09easter0009 copy

There were only two actual children 'hunting' but they had lots of help.

09easter0010 copy

Cousin Colby and Madeline compare loot part way through the hunt.

09easter0012 copy

09easter0011 copy

'Aunt' Joan helping Madeline.

09easter0013 copy

09easter0014 copy

09easter0015 copy

09easter0016 copy

09easter0017 copy

Yes, that is a Nana has a beautiful waterfall right in her backyard, crazy eh? I love sleeping over at her place because you can hear the falls while you go to sleep.

09easter0018 copy

09easter0019 copy

Checkin' out all the loot! Thanks to the Farm Easter Bunnies for all their work and gifts, we had a great time!!!

09easter0021 copy

Dinner #4 is actually tonight, not sure if we'll make it as Miss Madeline is under the weather...probably too much sugar over the weekend.

Hope you had a great long weekend too.

Cheers, Christy

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ice Rink Engagement Session

Posted by: Christy

Just a quick Easter Eve post to share an engagement session that Melissa did at the Harrison Park Ice Rink with Sabrina and Ryan. Cute couple, great skaters!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

My boy is gettin' BIG! Lucas' baby portrait.

Posted by: Christy

I finally did a real photo session with Lucas! I am so excited about the results that I have to post this quick sneak I might add as he is on my lap.


Madeline and I call him our "handsome devil".


A quick pic of us, taken by me...I need longer arms for this sort of thing.


MANY more to come soon!

Cheers, Christy

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Snow again, really?

Posted by: Christy

What a sight to wake up to yesterday morning!

Actually the first thing I woke up to was pretty good...Lucas fast asleep beside me and Madeline playing in bed also. What a sweet girl she is, she brought Luke and I breakfast in bed, two-year old style...see mini casserole dish and spoon below. Too cute!

Then Madeline and I took a look out the window....yuck!

Don't think we'll be opening the pool this weekend.


Hope it all goes away for Easter weekend as we have an outdoor egg hunt at Nana Johnstone's Farm this Sunday...can't wait!

Cheers, Christy

Friday, April 3, 2009

Part-time Nanny/sitter/helper needed!

Well business is good! But I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed with work and such a young family. In the hopes of finding a bit of balance I am looking for some HELP!

I am looking for someone to come to our house and watch our two-year old daughter and two-month old son part-time. I am looking for a few days or half days in the winter and spring and more hours over the summer and fall. I work from home so most of the time I will be here also.

I am open to many scenarios. I'd love it if the same person could help out with other house stuff such as tidying, grocery shopping, etc., not necessarily at the same time as watching the kids of course. I think a retired nana type that needs some extra kids to love would be ideal but I could also see a stay at home mom working out too. I'd be open to you bringing your child here too.

Let me know your qualifications, wage expectations and ideas on how this could work.

I'm hoping this will help us expand the business even more and also allow me to have more quality time with my kids. I think poor Madeline is getting sick of the laptop....I caught her pretending to be me the other day, she was chatting to herself about "I have to do some work" and playing with the keyboard. Kinda cute, kinda sad.

Cheers, Christy

~pics of the kids on the blog below if you want to see how adorable they are~