Saturday, January 31, 2009

Christmas Traditions Contest Winner!

Posted by: by Melissa & Christy

The winners of our first Christmas Traditions contest were a group from Shelburne, Ontario. Kit & Steve organize a mass Gingerbread house decorating evening at a local school. They go out and purchase all the parts, all the icing and all the candy bits, yummmm....did I mention that I am pregnant. They even help you assemble the house and then leave it to you to decorate with all the goodies. Here are just a few photos from this years event.

There were some hard choices to be made in the candy zone.

Steve has a special process to build the houses...not icing but melted sugar to glue them together.

Serious concentration...actually I think he just hated having the camera in his face.

The organizers Steve & Kit with the builders in behind.

Thanks for having us...thanks for the road candy too!!!

For those that were there and want to see all the photos I'll be uploading them and emailing you soon with a link.

Apple picking with Val

Posted by: Christy

Madeline has the best babysitter on earth! Val and the crew spent a day at an apple orchard and petting zoo, Madz had a blast. She was so cute with her little bag of apples that we had to do a photoshoot. She dragged the apples all the way home...the ones on the bottom didn't do so well.

One of my favourite photos of my little diva!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Family Vacation to Sundrige, Ontario

Posted by: Christy

With a long weekend off we had to come up with a plan! For the Labour Day weekend we headed north to spend some time with my cousin Jeff and his fiance Shannon. While there we had some four-wheeling fun with Madeline!

We took a day trip into our family hunt camp...way back in the bush. This is one of the nice viewpoints on the side of the trail.

Maddog trying to figure out what was above the door.

Our family camp, very rustic....the wire is on the windows to keep the bears out.

Another day during our visit we went to scout locations to do Jeff and Shannon's wedding photos. They are getting hitched this coming August.


Posted by: Christy

More photos from the summer, while my brother John was here to visit. This is "BUG" we kept a caterpillar captive for a few weeks to see the transformation. I kept trying to get Madeline to name her pet but all she wanted to call him/her was Bug, so its name was Bug. These are some photos of us releasing Bug.

She didn't want to touch Bug so we had to put it on a stick for her to carry around.

Another of our little friends, lets call him Gigantic Spider!

Some playtime in the sandbox with Uncle John.

Some swinging with Daddy on her new swing/slide/play thing that he made for her.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A day with the family at Story Book Park

Posted by: Christy

I'm beginning to wonder if this is my version of nesting. I'm still not cleaning my house like a wacko but I am getting the blog up to date...the dishes will wait.

My sister, Lisa, and I dragged the whole family out for a day at the park with the kids. My brother John was here to visit from Regina.

Madeline loves the rides...unlike her mom and her dad!

My brother John and nephew Keith playing a round of golf.

A tragic sand eating moment on the big slide, maybe feet first would be better?

My Nana with nephew Michael.

Dad and Madeline watching the older kids on the big rides.

My niece Elizabeth helping Madeline on the waterslides.